Sunday, 28 April 2013

Plan to action - a work in progress: Part 3

Summary of strategies for transformation:

  • Stay connected on twitter and through as many face-to-face activities as I can with positive, self-motivated, progressive, forward-thinking teachers. I need to keep my levels of inspiration up!
  • Ensure that during my planning, I make the utmost effort to incorporate some of the previous ideas and strategies into my classes; in particular I want to change my comfort zone/fall-back from ‘chalk and talk’ to students having more voice and taking control of their learning through differentiated activities/instruction and project-based learning and through challenging their thinking.
  • Allow more time for students to reflect on their learning, including the emphasis and use of SOLO taxonomy for student’s own use.
  • Encourage students to take own notes and make own summaries, and work collaboratively with other students to extend knowledge rather than a more one-way transmission.
  • Start each lesson or concept with why the students should learn about it, rather than the what or how.
  • Continue to support my department and school in their approach, while still trialling my strategies on a smaller scale. Share my ideas and changes with any positive outcomes with staff, as a way of encouraging and ‘disseminating’ ;)
  • Use my teaching as inquiry PD project for some of the above ideas, rather than the simpler strategy I had intended to study. (Current thinking – use the multiple choices/differentiation model with genetics topic (Y12 bio) over a week or so, then revert to ‘old’ style of teaching, and have students give feedback. Could also assess NCEA questions they answer/submit based on both styles of learning to give data on any differences.)
  • Be aware and purposeful in the strategies I choose and approaches I use, and reflect critically on their success.
  • Big picture/blue skies ideals – keep these as my goals and continue to reflect on any progress I make towards them. Blogging my trials and tribulations will help me keep track.

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